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The Wrestling
by  Simon Garfield  
Publisher Faber and Faber
Published Date 1 November 2007
ISBN 9780571236763

New paperback
Product Description
The classic account of the men and women who used to fight each other for pride and money. Simon Garfield brings them to life in one last glorious bout of jealousy, myth, revenge, passion and deep devotion. When British wrestling was dropped from the ITV schedules in the mid-80s it left the giants of the ring - Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks, Kendo Nagasaki - bereft. This is the true story of the circuit, the big names and their rivalries, told with humour, warmth and affection. This edition features a new afterword by the author.

The toxic consumer: How to reduce your exposure to everyday toxic chemicals: How to Reduce Your Exposure to Everyday Toxic Chemicals
by  Karen Ashton  and Elizabeth Salter-Green  
Publisher Impact Publishing
Published Date 1 February 2007
ISBN 9781904601425
First Edition   First Printing  
Brand new paperback
Product Description
How to reduce your exposure to everyday toxic chemicals
The number of man-made chemicals in everyday consumer products is on the increase and it is no longer controversial to claim that many are toxic and compromise our health and yet we are unwittingly and constantly exposed to them. All of us have toxic chemicals in us, even new-born babies.
Synthetic chemicals found in everyday life are implicated in a staggering range of health and environmental issues including impaired neurological development in children, birth defects, lower sperm counts, rising rates of testicular and other cancers and increased incidences of ......more
The Industrial Revolution
by  Peter Hepplewhite  
Publisher Wayland
Published Date 14 March 2002
ISBN 9780750239110
Brand new paperback
Product Description
The book offers a chronological political history of the Industrial Revolution, as well as chapters on the major themes. Topics include developments in technology, the factory system and working life for men, women and children, education in factories and schools, the growth of industrial towns, and the effects of the Industrial Revolution on the military, ships and seafaring, rail travel, holidays and on local communities.
Easy to navigate, each spread deals with a different topic and consists of maps, diagrams, artwork and photographs. Complete with timeline, glossary and 2-page index. ...more
The Devil Within: A Memoir of Depression
by  Stephanie Merritt  
Publisher Vermillion
Published Date 7 May 2009
ISBN 9780091917463
First Edition   First Printing  
Brand new paperback
Product Description
'I was nearly twenty before I understood that there was a name for what sometimes happened to me. Later, I learned that it has gone by many names - the black dog, the bell jar, the noonday demon, darkness visible, malignant sadness - but in my teens I'd just assumed that my fierce highs and days of disproportionate, isolating despair were part of every teenager's repertoire - how else would Morrissey have sold so many records? These pitches in mood were something I didn't speak about to anyone, because I was afraid of two things - either that it was nothing serious, and I would be told to pull myself together, or that it was serious, and ......more
The Child that Books Built
by  Francis Spufford  
Publisher Faber and Faber
Published Date 17 March 2003
ISBN 9780571214679
Brand new paperback
Product Description
Fairy tales and Where the Wild Things Are, The Lord of the Rings and the Narnia books, Little House on the Prairie and The Earthsea Trilogy. What would you find if you went back and re-read your favourite books from childhood? Francis Spufford discovers both delight and sadness, in this widely celebrated memoir of a boy who retreats into books, faced with a tragedy in his family. ...more
Paul Muldoon: Critical Essays
by  Tim Kendall and Peter McDonald  
Publisher Liverpool University Press
Published Date 1 October 2003
ISBN 9780853238782
First Edition   First Printing  
Brand new paperback
Product Description
The essays in this book testify to the fascination of Paul Muldoon's poems, and also to their underlying contentiousness. The contributors see Muldoon from many different angles biographical, formal, literary-historical, generic but also direct attention to complex moments of creativity in which an extraordinary amount of originality is concentrated, and on the clarity of which a lot depends. In their different ways, all of the essays return to the question of what a poem can tell' us, whether about its author, about itself, or about the world in which it comes into being. The contributors, even in the degree to which they bring to light ......more
Patrick Moore: The Autobiography
by  Patrick Moore  
Publisher The History Press Ltd
Published Date 15 February 2005
ISBN 9780750940146
Brand new paperback
Product Description
The man behind the much-loved, larger-than-life personality; not only an astronomer but also a self-taught musician and talented composer, and passionate supporter of cricket. ...more
New Romantics: The Look (Paperback)
by  Dave Rimmer  
Publisher Omnibus
Published Date 15 September 2003
ISBN 9780711993969
Paperback. BRAND NEW condition.
Product Description
The New Romantics rose from the ashes of punk and celebrated the spirit of David Bowie at clubs throughout the UK. Dave Rimmer assesses the style and impact of Boy George, Steve Strange, Spandau Ballet and others who drove this media friendly, club-based 80s style movement that mixed music with fashion, entrepreneurialism and art.
About the Author
Dave Rimmer is the author of Like Punk Never Happened and Once Upon the Time in the East. He spent the New Romantic years freelancing for Smash Hits, The Face and New Sounds New Styles. He has since contributed to over 50 magazines in the UK, US and Germany. ...more
My Colourful Life
by  Ginger McCain  
Publisher Headline
Published Date 3 July 2006
ISBN 9780755313730
New paperback
Product Description
Red Rum's classic win in the 1977 Grand National is the stuff of sporting legend. Red himself became a national treasure, and his charismatic trainer - the redoubtable Ginger McCain - became a sporting hero. While the public adored Ginger, there were those who sniped that he was a one-horse trainer. All that changed 27 years later when, in a thrilling race, Ginger won his fourth National with Amberleigh House, equalling the record of Fred Rimmer. Once again Ginger had taken the sporting world by storm. In the 70s, the popularity of Red Rum and Ginger almost single-handedly saved the great race when there were plans afoot to turn the track into ......more
Lights on at Signpost
by  George Macdonald Fraser  
Publisher HarperCollins
Published Date 19 May 2003
ISBN 978-0007136476
Brand new paperback.
Product Description
From the author of the ever-popular Flashman novels, a collection of film-world reminiscences and trenchant thoughts on Cool Britannia, New Labour and other abominations.
In between writing Flashman novels, George MacDonald Fraser spent thirty years as an "incurably star struck" screenwriter, working with the likes of Steve McQueen, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cubby Broccoli, Burt Lancaster, Federico Fellini and Oliver Reed. Now he shares his recollections of those encounters, providing a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes.
Far from starry-eyed where Tony Blair & Co are concerned, he looks back also to the Britain of his youth ......more
If I Was
by  Midge Ure  
Publisher Virgin
Published Date 10 November 2005
ISBN 978-0753510773
New paperback
Midge Ure is one of the most successful and innovative musicians of the last 25 years. With his band Ultravox, Midge consistently combined massive popular chart success with crediblitly, influence and respect.
On 25 November 1984, Midge spearheaded one of pop music's most historic events when 36 artists, collectively known as Band Aid, recorded 'Do They Know It's Christmas?', a song Midge had written with Bob Geldof in response to the famine in Ethiopia. Produced by Midge, the single sold over 3 million copies in the UK and led to Live Aid, the 1985 concert which featured the world's greatest music acts and raised millions for charity.
In 2004, 'Do They Know ......more
Guns and Gangs
by  Graeme McLagan  
Publisher Allison and Busby
Published Date 4 August 2009
ISBN 9780749007676
Brand new paperback
Product Description
In "Guns and Gangs" Graeme McLagan lifts the lid on a hugely unreported but important modern-day problem. After terrorism, the single greatest worry for law enforcement agencies is gun crime, and in particular the so-called 'black on black' shootings. The statistics are shocking. Black people are the victims of three quarters of London's gun murders and non-fatal shootings. The shooters in 80 per cent of cases are also black. "Guns and Gangs" traces how the trend first started in the late 1980s and early 1990s with the emergence of the Yardies, the rise of crack cocaine and the consequent turf wars. The police have since launched numerous ......more
Good Times!
by  Justin Lee Collins  
Publisher Ebury Press
Published Date 3 June 2010
ISBN 978-0091932923
First Edition   First Printing  
Brand new paperback
Product Description
He street jams in spandex and wrestles in lycra. He's been a magician, a ventriloquist and a clown. He's hugged some of the biggest stars in the world, and pretty much anyone else who's crossed his path. He mucks about, wears silly costumes and manhandles his friend Alan Carr on national TV on a weekly basis. And people have literally paid him to do all this. Good times!
But life wasn't always so kind to young Justin. He discovered he couldn't kiss very well at school camp in Plymouth. "An attractive sixth-form girl let me snog her. I was about 12. She pulled away, and said 'Aaah, you can't do it.' Then she then picked me up and ......more
Democritus (Great Philosophers series)
by  Paul Cartledge  
Publisher Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Published Date 6 July 1998
ISBN 9780753801833
Brand new paperback.
Product Description
The Renaissance's 'Laughing Philosopher': ourown age's 'prophet of quark' : throughout modern philosophical traditions, Democritushas been a man little known beyond his labels. Yet if the image of the cheerful ironist understates his true seriousness, that of father of modern nuclear physics - though by no means entirely unfounded - loses sight of the man in the hyperbole. Flattering as it is, it fails to do justice either to the full range of Democritus' interests or to the astonishing originality of his ideas as Paul Cartledge makes clear in this enthralling book. ...more
Corfu Banquet: A Seasonal Memoir with Recipes
by  Emma Tennant  
Publisher Summersdale Publishers
Published Date 30 June 2004
ISBN 978-1840243819
Brand new paperback
Product Description
Corfu Banquet celebrates the tastes, smells and colours of an island where the cooking is seasonal and the flowers play changes on the theme of a year-round spring. An island where life follows the sea; from an icy turquoise in March, through autumn's olive darkness when mourga, (the mush of discarded olive skins from the village press) clouds the water to a claret wine, as winter sets in. A memoir in the rhythm of the five seasons of Corfu, the story tells of the house of Rovinia, built in the sixties by Emma Tennant's parents and of Maria, the 'spirit of the house', her knowledge and wisdom. Corfu Banquet entwines recipes and original ......more
Cinderella Man: The James J. Braddock Story
by  Michael C DeLisa  
Publisher Milo Books
Published Date 6 January 2005
ISBN 9781903854372
Brand new paperback
Book Description
In 1934, in the depths of the Great Depression, a failed boxer with broken hands came off the welfare rolls for one more fight to feed his wife and three children. Four bouts later, one of the bravest men ever to step into the ring was the heavyweight champion of the world, in the greatest comeback in sports history. He inspired a nation through one of its darkest periods, and his extraordinary achievements led Damon Runyon to nickname him the `Cinderella Man.'
Once, he had been a contender, a light-heavy with skill and guts. But hand injuries and the aftershock of the Wall Street Crash left him toiling in railway yards and on New ......more
Backroom Boys: The Secret Return of the British Boffin
by  Francis Spufford  
Publisher Faber and Faber
Published Date 2 September 2004
ISBN 978-0571214976
Brand new paperback
Product Description
A rapturous history of British engineering, a vivid love-letter to quiet men in pullovers, Backroom Boys tells the story of how this country lost its industrial tradition and got back something else. ...more
A Postillion Struck by Lightning
by  Dirk Bogarde  
Publisher Phoenix
Published Date 1 September 2005
ISBN 978-0753819302
First Edition   First Printing  
Brand new paperback
Product Description
'At the top of the field the cottage roof stuck up with its chimney, and then the flint walls and the two rather surprised looking windows in the gable looking down to the farm. Round the cottage was a rickety wooden fence with bits of wire and an old bedstead stuck in it, and some apple trees and the privy with its roof of ivy and honeysuckle' A Postillion Struck by Lightning was a bestseller on first publication and marked Dirk Bogarde's transition from star of stage and screen to a bestselling and internationally acclaimed author. This vivid and engaging memoir traces the first steps of Dirk Bogarde as a young actor before he became ......more
A Fractured Mind: My Life with Multiple Personality Disorder
by  Robert B Oxnam  
Publisher Vision Paperbacks/Satin Publications
Published Date 15 April 2006
ISBN 9781904132905

Brand new paperback.

Product Description: We all have many sides to our personalities, which we display to different friends, colleagues and partners, but what happens if those facets become detached from each other, and take on lives of their own? This is what Bob Oxnam was to discover when he was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. The first of Bob's personalities to make himself known during therapy was an angry young boy named Tommy, who claimed to live in a castle in Bob's mind. Bob's psychiatrist eventually met all 12 'people' who lived in the castle. He uncovered why Tommy was torturing Bobby in the dungeon, and the many other layers of terror that had lived ......more

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